La science canadienne : renforcer les éléments fondamentaux

Le Devoir has just published this Op-Ed titled “La science canadienne : renforcer les éléments fondamentaux”, drafted and signed by past CAP Presidents.

Please consult the full article, in French, here:

This article was signed by:

Melanie Campbell, PPhys, Professor, University of Waterloo;
Allan Carswell, Professor Emeritus, York University; President, Carswell Family Foundation
Walter F. Davidson, Director of Board, Canadian Isotope Innovations
Gordon F.W. Drake, PPhys, University Professor, University of Windsor
Robert Fedosejevs, PPhys, Professor, University of Alberta
Béla Joós, PPhys, Professeur, Université d’Ottawa
Gabor Kunstatter, PPhys, Professor, University of Winnipeg
Ronald M. Lees, Professor Emeritus, University of New Brunswick
Richard MacKenzie, PPhys, Professeur, Université de Montréal
Robert Mann, PPhys, Professor, University of Waterloo
Louis Marchildon, PPhys, Professeur émérite, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
W. John McDonald, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta J.C.
Douglas Milton, Vice President (Retired), Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
Michael Morrow, PPhys, Professor, Memorial University
Allan Offenberger, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta
Shelley Page, PPhys, Senior Scientist, University of Manitoba
Kenneth Ragan, Macdonald Professor of Physics, McGill University
Beverly Robertson, Professor Emeritus, University of Regina
J. Michael Roney, P.Phys, Professor, University of Victoria
Adam J. Sarty, PPhys, Professor, Saint Mary’s University
Michael Steinitz, PPhys, Professor Emeritus, St. Francis Xavier University
Eric Svensson, PPhys, President (Retired), National Research Council Canada
Mike Thewalt, PPhys, Professor, Simon Fraser University