EDI Survey Team Releases Preliminary Survey Participant Demographics

Canadian Physics Counts –
Preliminary Survey Participant Demographics Released 

In November 2020, the CAP EDI Survey Team launched the largest-ever survey of the Canadian physics community. The bilingual survey received over three-thousand responses, giving the team the statistical power to investigate research questions that have never been studied before.

The survey’s primary objective was to answer three main questions:

  • Who are the physicists in Canada?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their experiences in the physics community?
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This International Women’s Week, in the wake of Black History Month, we are pleased to share the survey participant demographics today. More survey results will be presented at the 2021 CAP Virtual Congress and the full, detailed analysis will be published in an open-access, peer-reviewed journal later in the year.

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The survey team consists of physicists and social scientists with expertise in equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility initiatives. This survey was organized with approval from the Dalhousie University Research Ethics Board (File #2020-5261) in partnership with the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP/ACP). Survey analysis is being provided by the Laurier Centre for Women in Science (WinS).


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