CAP Member Paul Corkum awarded 2017 Royal Medal From the UK Royal Society

CAP member Paul Corkum of the University of Ottawa has been awarded one of the 2017 Royal Medals given out annually by the Royal Society in the UK to honour researchers who have made exceptional contributions to science.

Corkum received the £10,000 Royal Medal for his contributions to laser physics and for his pioneering work in the new field of attosecond science. Corkum has demonstrated how attosecond (10–18 s) optical and electron pulses can be created by controlling the interaction between laser light and matter. Using such short electron pulses, he has also made the fastest ever “real-time” measurements and combined them with sub-0.1 angstrom spatial resolution. This technology will allow scientists to perform simultaneous measurements at the fundamental space and time scale.

Corkum will be formally presented with his medal at an awards dinner in the fall. More information about the Royal Medals can be found here.