Changes proposed for NSERC Post Graduate Scholarship system

At a recent meeting, the CAP Executive learned of proposed changes to the NSERC Post Graduate Scholarship system that may be of interest to members.

These changes are part of the Tri-Council CGS Harmonization Project. You can read more about the project at:

One change that has been proposed is that the selection and award process for the master’s level awards (CGS-M) be managed entirely by the institutions and be part of the admission process. This means that students’ application for CGS-M would be considered by the institutions that they are applying to, which would probably be limited to a finite number. These changes may be implemented for this fall’s competition.

While there would be harmonization of application and review procedures, NSERC CGS-D awards would continue to be adjudicated at NSERC.

There will be consultation on these changes over the next months; please take advantage of this opportunity to contribute.