CAP supports openness with regard to communication of scientific results

The Canadian Association of Physicists feels very strongly about the need for openness with regard to communication of scientific results, particularly when they impact public policy and the overall well-being of the nation. More specifically:
  • Citizens and their elected representatives need easily accessible information to be able to fully contribute to the democratic decision-making process.
  • Scientific information is a significant input to an increasing number of public policy decisions; therefore ease of access to the results of government research is increasingly important.
  • Similarly, there is a need for clear channels for input into public policy matters by non-government scientists with relevant expertise.
  • While there are some legitimate exceptions, such as where the research is proprietary, open access to government science and scientists should be the norm.
  • Canada needs scientific integrity policies that allow government scientists to speak freely with the media and provide direction for other civil servants to facilitate access to these scientists.

On May 26, 2015 the Liberal Party of Canada will introduce a motion asking the Government to allow all scientists to speak freely about their work and to establish a Chief Science Officer. For further details, see the first Opposition Motion listed on this website: