CAP submission to House of Commons Finance Committee

Dear CAP member,

For the past couple of years, the CAP has submitted a pre-budget consultation brief to the House of Commons Finance Committee (HCFC).  This year, ideas must be submitted in an online survey with 5 questions about what specific federal measures are needed to meet the challenges presented by: (1) economic recovery and growth, (2) job creation, (3) demographic change, (4) productivity, and (5) other challenges. Each answer is limited to 350 words.

The CAP Science Policy Committee, in consultation with the CAP’s Council, prepared responses for this online survey that address priorities for science funding and maintenance of federal research capabilities, arguing that  a strong science, technology, and innovation community is important to each of these areas.  The CAP’s input, which was submitted to the HCFC today, can be found in the file attached below.

You are invited to support CAP’s lobbying efforts to strengthen Canada’s science community, by participating in the federal government’s pre-budget public consultation. Feel free to use the CAP’s submission as the basis for your input. The more CAP members that participate to voice common themes, the more effectively the message will be communicated.

The HCFC online survey is available at . The deadline to participate is August 3, 2012.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important activity that helps the Government to formulate the priorities for the next fiscal budget.

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