CAP members receive 2017 Royal Society of Canada honours

Congratulations to CAP members Andrew Sachrajda, Barry Sanders, Robert Boily, and Alan G. Steele for their recent appointment as fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division

Andrew Sachrajda

Security and Disruptive Technologies, National Research Council

Andrew Sachrajda, a physicist at the National Research Council of Canada, has made fundamental contributions to a new sub-field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Using quantum transport at extreme temperatures and magnetic fields, Sachrajda and his team were the first to demonstrate and control quantum circuits based on spins of individual electrons in nanometer scale field effect transistors. This work provided the scientific foundation for subsequent applications in quantum technologies.

Barry Sanders

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary

Barry Sanders is a leading expert in quantum physics and quantum computing whose pioneering work
connects theoretical quantum information with experimental implementation. He has made major contributions in diverse areas, notably introducing entangled coherent states and determining requirements for practical quantum key distribution.

Specially Elected Fellows

Robert Boily


Robert Boily is a long-time researcher and senior science advisor who contributed to the advancement of knowledge in a wide range of research topics, and especially in electronics, photonics, energy, aerospace and advanced materials. He conducted more than 1000 projects during his career that pans 40 years in science and technology. Working with governments, academia, research-funding agencies and the industry from all over the world, he was instrumental to the creation of many international scientific cooperation projects.

Alan G. Steele

Measurement Science and Standards, National Research Council of Canada

Alan G. Steele has positioned Canada as a world leader in measurement science and metrology. As
Canada’s Chief Metrologist, he has used diplomacy supported by the scientific achievements of his national metrology institute to guide international decisions. He trained and directed measurement scientists for high achievement with Canada’s measurement standards leading the world on linking the Planck constant to the mass of the International Prototype of the kilogram.

Source: The Royal Society of Canada