CAP members appointed Fellows of the American Physical Society

Congratulations to CAP members Peter Grutter, Igor Herbut, Reinger Kruecken and Robert L. Stamps for their recent appointment as fellows of the American Physical Society (APS).

Peter Grutter

McGill University

Citation: For pioneering contributions to scanning probe microscopy for ultra-sensitive force detection, and applications to nano-science.
Nominated by: Topical Group on Instrument and Measurement Science

Igor Herbut

Simon Fraser University

For contributions to the theory of Dirac fermions in strongly correlated electron systems, including the prediction of an antiferromagnetic ground state for graphene in a strong magnetic field.
Nominated by: Division of Condensed Matter Physics

Reiner Kruecken

TRIUMF & University of British Columbia

Citation: For use of gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques to advance the understanding of the evolution of collectivity and shell structure in nuclei, from the phenomena of super-deformation and magnetic rotation to probing magic numbers, shape-transitions and shape-coexistence.
Nominated by: Division of Nuclear Physics

Robert L. Stamps

University of Glasgow

For influential and seminal works relevant to fundamental and applied aspects of spintronics, magnetic data storage, and non-volatile magnetic memory, from the perspective of microwave and optical frequency excitations of complex magnets, and ordering dynamics in spin systems far from equilibrium.
Nominated by: Topical Group on Magnetism

About APS

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Source: American Physical Society