CAP Governance

Rebranding – Introducing the CAP new logo

The CAP has been working to establish the foundations necessary to execute our new Communications Strategic Plan.  The first step was a visual rebranding which will bring a fresh face to the organization.  We are pleased to announce that the rebranding has been successfully completed with the release of our new logo.

The visual rebranding began with a new colour scheme, fonts, and graphic elements to be used on all CAP print and web communication.  These were set in the fall, at which point the CAP Board directed the Communications Committee to investigate creating a new logo for the organization. The principles set out were:

·         Respect the historical design of the current logo but give it a modern refresh to reflect the new branding

·         Adjust the lettering so that the acronym could be interpreted in both French (ACP) and English (CAP).

·         Make the logo bolder so that it stands out at a distance and in small print.

·         Revert to the old logo if the above criterion were not met.

The CAP engaged a graphics professional to craft the design, and after a several month process which included many iterations and consultations within the CAP Council and elsewhere, the Board settled on the new logo design shown here. The new logo will be rolled out immediately for the 2017 CAP Congress printed materials, and will soon be incorporated in our electronic communications.

The next steps in our Communications Strategic plan include releasing our new website, and developing a new “customer relations management” (CRM) database system to manage CAP communications efforts. Stay tuned for announcements at the upcoming CAP Congress in Kingston and in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates during the next few weeks and, in particular, the launch of the CAP’s new website.