Dr. Mona Nemer named as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor.

This summer, the CAP asked for your help to encourage Parliament to implement recommendations from a powerful report (The Naylor Report) that includes many ideas and actions that evolved from broad nationwide consultations about fundamental science.

On Sept. 26, one major recommendation was implemented: Dr. Mona Nemer, a Professor in the Dept. of Biochemstry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa, was named as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor.  The CAP looks forward to working with Dr. Nemer in this new role. For more information about Dr. Mona Nemer and the responsibilities of the Chief Science Advisor, see the Government’s press release. and information compiled by the Canadian Science Policy Centre.

For more information about the fundamental science review and the other recommendations of the Naylor Report, visit the Fundamental Science Review website.

For more information about the CAP’s ongoing Science Policy efforts, visit the CAP website or contact CAP’s Director of Science Policy, Kris Poduska