Call for nominations for Prizes from Japan (deadline March 6/7 2020)

CAP and Global Affairs Canada would like to raise awareness of the following two prize nomination opportunities from Japan. Canadian physicists are strongly encouraged to consider sumitting a nomination.

1. 2020 Honda Prize :   Nomination Deadline March 6, 2020
— 2019 winner was Prof. Geoffrey Hinton of the University of Toronto —

2. The Keio Medical Science Prize 2020 :  Nomination Deadline March 7, 2020

Please notify the CAP’s Director of International Affairs, Dr. Ritu Kanungo, if you are submitting a nomination.


Honda Prize :

The prize provides ¥10 million as a supplemental prize and is awarded to an individual or group who contributes towards the development of science and technology and society in accordance with the vision of “ecotechnology”. The interpretation of ecotechnology is broad and another criteria is that the discovery or invention served to improve people’s lives around the world. Fields for consideration include mechanical/electronic/space engineering, chemical, physics, bioscience, agriculture, economics and medicine.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is March 6th (nominations can be submitted by email to or by fax to +81-3-3274-5103).

More details are contained in a file you can download using this link (zip file includes President’s Letter, Request for Nomination, Honda Prize Nomination Guide, Honda Prize Nomination Form, List of Past Laureates and an advertisement feature which appeared in Nature on December 19, 2019 showing Prof. Geoffrey Hinton of the University of Toronto, last year’s Laureate) :

HondaPrize2020 (zip file)

The Keio Medical Science Prize :

This prize offers recognition to the outstanding and creative achievements of researchers in the fields of medical and life sciences, in particular those contributing to scientific developments in medicine. It aims to promote worldwide advances in life sciences and medicine, to encourage the expansion of researcher networks throughout the world, and to contribute to the well-being of humankind. Fields for consideration are basic medicine, clinical medicine, or life sciences closely related to medicine.

Two prizes will be awarded consisting of a certificate of merit, medal and a sum of ¥10 million.

The deadline for these nominations is March 7th; nominations are to be submitted online to:

In the event that the nomination cannot be submitted online, Keio University should be notified at The Invitation for Nomination, Guidelines for Nomination and Call for Nominations can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Keio Medical Science Prize-Invitation-Guidelines-Call for Nominations-2020-02 (pdf file)