Call for Host Departments for 2022 CAP Lecture Tour Speakers


As you are aware, due to ongoing health and safety challenges from COVID-19, the 2022 CAP Lecture Tour will be a hybrid format with each speaker giving a single talk at a host institution within one of the six CAP regions, live-streamed so students from across Canada (and elsewhere) can participate in the talk.

CAP member departments are invited to apply to host one of the six speakers.

Interested host departments:

  • Must confirm their ability to provide an appropriate space for the talk that meets your institution’s COVID restrictions and allows for reasonable student in-person attendance, as well as resources that will enable the lecture to be live streamed (preferably on the CAP Youtube channel) and recorded. Talks are to take place between January and April 2022.
  • Must have the ability to broadcast the lecture from your lecture hall in a manner that allows non-local students to connect to watch the presentation and meet with the speaker following the talk. CAP can provide the Zoom connection with up to 500 participants, or 1000 if needed, which can be connected to livestream to the CAP YouTube. Host institutions are encouraged to hold an event following the lecture where local students will have an opportunity to interact with the speaker.
  • Are requested to promote the lecture as a joint CAP-university (cegep) sponsored special event.
  • Are requested to cover local expenses (e.g. hotel, meals, local transportation) for the visiting speaker as per the CAP’s usual practice. The CAP has allocated a travel budget to each speaker/region to cover the costs of travel to get the speaker from their home base to the host institution and back.

If you are interested in being a host department for the 2022 CAP Lecture Tour, please complete this form on the CAP website by 23h59 EST Sunday, November 28, 2021.

The Lecture Tour Committee will decide on the final list of host departments. The selected host departments will be contacted by December 10 to confirm their participation.

We aim to have the full list of speakers and their respective host departments posted on the CAP website by Wednesday, December 15.


Bill Whelan, P.Phys.
CAP Vice-President Elect
National Coordinator, 2022 CAP Lecture Tour