CAP Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (pdf)

As it did in the previous two years, the CAP has submitted a Brief to the House of Commons Finance Committee, in preparation for the 2012 Federal Budget. CAP’s three recommendations are:
1. That the federal government augment the Granting Councils’ budgets by a modest 5%, directed to their programs that support basic research. Cost about $120M p.a.
2. That the proposed savings from the reduction in the Canada Graduate Scholarships program be used to fund doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships in universities and industry, by re-directing the funds to the existing Granting Council programs. Cost $17.5M p.a., funding for example 415 doctoral students and 250 postdoctoral fellowships each year.
3. At a time when the federal government, like many others, is aggressively pursuing reductions in spending, that Canada emulate many European governments by recognizing the unique importance of government science and ensuring that all essential government research programs are funded appropriately to meet their mandates.
The Brief was prepared by the CAP Science Policy Committee under the leadership of Paul Vincett, after a consultation where a record 188 CAP members provided input. The highly documented arguments leading to the three recommendations can be read in the full 5-page Brief.