British Institute of Physics bibliometric study shows Canadian physics to be on top internationally with respect to citation impact

(Note: This article is posted in the language of submission.)

This bibliometric study and associated report analyses the performance of UK Physics research and provides the Institute of Physics with data that can be used for the development of policy and for discussions with stakeholders.

Quoted below are a couple of findings from the report that are of interest to the Canadian physicists:

  • The UK’s rank among the comparator countries has not been affected by its falling share of world Physics papers. By contrast Canada, South Korea, India and China’s share of world Physics papers increased.

  • The citation impact of the UK’s Physics research, relative to world average, has increased from 1.24 in 2001 to 1.72 in 2010. In the same period of time, Canada has increased both its share of world Physics papers and the citation impact of its Physics research. The citation impact of the G7 comparators has also increased and generally exceeds the world average.
  • The distribution of citation impact underlying the UK’s performance has shifted, with a decrease in the percentage of uncited papers and an increase in the percentage of papers receiving more citations than the world average.
  • In general the UK’s Physics research base is performing strongly. However, there are other countries that perform just as well and some that are undergoing rapid expansion.

The full report can be found at: