Antimatter Zapped! — Opening Plenary Speaker at CAP 2012 Congress …

Opening Plenary Speaker at CAP 2012 Congress involved in physics research milestone published today (Mar. 7) in Nature

In a paper published online today (Mar. 7) by the journal Nature ( ), the ALPHA collaboration at CERN, reports an important milestone on the way to measuring the properties of antimatter atoms.  In an international effort led by a Canadian team, first spectroscopic measurements on antihydrogen were carried out using microwaves. This follows news reported in June last year that the collaboration had routinely trapped antihydrogen atoms for long periods of time. ALPHA’s latest advance is the next important milestone on the way to being able to make precision comparisons between atoms of ordinary matter and atoms of antimatter, thereby helping to unravel one of the deepest mysteries in particle physics and perhaps understanding why a Universe of matter exists at all.  See; CBC News Story can be found at

Canadian physicists will have an opportunity to hear Dr. Jeffrey Hangst, the ALPHA collaboration spokesman speak on the ALPHA Experiment at the 2012 CAP Congress which will be held at the University of Calgary from 2012 June 11-15.  Dr. Hangst’s talk is scheduled to be the opening plenary talk starting at 13h00 on Monday, June 11th.

For more information on the CAP Congress, please see  Abstracts are still being accepted, with oral talks being accepted only where time permits.