Abstracts re-opened for invited speaker abstracts and post-deadline poster submissions

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Abstracts re-opened for invited speaker abstracts and post-deadline poster submissions.

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The abstract system for the 2021 CAP Virtual Congress has now been re-opened for invited speaker and post-deadline poster abstracts. For full information on abstract submission, visit our Abstract Submission webpage.

This Congress is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the achievements of physicists in Canada and abroad.

Submit an abstract and share your research. For supervisors, the virtual setting offers a great opportunity to showcase the work of all your students.



Best Student Presentation Competition

The CAP is hosting a Best Student Poster competitions at the 2021 Virtual CAP Congress. While CAP membership is not required to submit an abstract, CAP membership is required to participate in the competition and division membership is required to be eligible for division prizes.

There will be cash prizes awarded by the CAP for the top three overall student poster presentations. In addition, various CAP subject divisions and other sponsors will host more focused competitions by subject areas. Full information is available on our Best Student Presentation Competition webpage.

The intent of these competitions is to encourage graduate students to present their research work to, and interact with, the Canadian physics community at an early stage in their careers. Students should present the work and take primary responsibility for the content of the presentation as well as the written abstract and, if selected as a winner, the extended summary for Physics in Canada. Undergraduate students who fulfill these criteria are also welcome to participate in the competition.


Herzberg Public Lecture

The Herzberg Memorial Public Lecture will take place on Sunday June 6th in the evening.  The lecture will be live streamed to the whole of Canada. University academics, students and researchers, high school teachers and students, and the general public are encouraged to attend.


Plenary Speakers

In addition to the NSERC Community Update scheduled for Mon. June 7 from 11h00-11h30 which will be delivered by NSERC President, Alejandro Adem, this year’s Congress will feature five plenary sessions to be given by this exciting slate of speakers:

Avery Broderick – U.Waterloo/Perimeter Institute
Mon. June 7, 15h00 – 15h30
“Unmasking Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope”

Renee Horton – NASA Headquarters
Thurs. June 10, 15h00 – 15h30
“Friction Stir Welding in the Aerospace Industry”

Alessandra Lanzara – Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Wed. June 9, 15h00 – 15h30
“Leveraging Local Symmetry Breaking to Engineering Novel Materials”

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein – U. of New Hampshire
Thurs. June 10, 11h00 – 11h30
“The Right to Know and Love the Night Sky”

Brian Wilson – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Wed. June 9, 11h00 – 11h30
“Cancer and Light: How optical sciences and engineering impact cancer research and patient care”

View the Plenary Speaker talk abstracts and personal bios by visiting our Herzberg & Plenary Speaker page.


Invited Speakers

Invited speakers (along with the plenary speakers) make up the core of the CAP Congress.  Other researchers contribute to join in with the discussion and to share their ideas with these experts who are invited by the various divisions.

Check our Invited Speakers webpage frequently to view the full list of speakers as invitations get accepted!


Symposium Day and Magnetic North

Tuesday June 8th will be Symposium Day. Symposia are generally thematically cohesive mini-conferences organized by various Divisions.  We have scheduled 7 Symposia this year in addition to the co-hosted Magnetic North Conference which is running under the CAP Congress banner. Of special note is the Symposium in Celebration of the Nobel Prize of James Peebles in Cosmology.  Have a look here.


First Annual Canada-Wide Diversity in Physics Survey Results

Join Kevin Hewitt and Anastasia Smolina, the survey coordinators, on Wednesday, June 9th from 10h30-11h00 as they update the community on the significant findings from the CAP’s first annual Canada-Wide Diversity in Physics Survey.


Science Policy Workshop

The CAP is pleased to host a Science Policy Workshop from 13h45-14h45 on Monday, June 7th. The workshop will be delivered by Lorna Somers, Assistant Vice-President, Development, McMaster University.  Somers has been working in University Advancement at McMaster University since 1988.  Somers currently focuses her attention on working closely with senior academic leaders and volunteers to secure principal level gifts, (most notable among them, the largest cash gift to a Canadian university), and to leading McMaster’s new Brighter World Research Initiative. A more detailed bio is available here.


Poster Sessions

The Poster Session will be held in two parts on Wednesday June 9th – from 13h45-14h45 and 17h30-18h30.  It will be hosted in the Gather.Town sub-environment of the Underline software platform.  Delegates will be able to wander through the poster space via their avatar and will be able to speak with the presenter and other delegates through the instantaneous local Zoom pop-ups of the Gather.Town environment.


Exhibitor Booths

Each exhibitor will have a virtual booth set up throughout the Gather.Town platform. During the poster sessions, delegates will be able to wander around the exhibitor booths via their avatar and speak with representatives through the instantaneous local Zoom pop-up in the Gather.Town environment.   Delegates will also be able to browse the exhibitor booths at other times during the Congress and post requests for meetings with representatives, even outside of the poster session.


Networking Events, Social Activities, and Meeting Lounges

The Networking and Social Activities events will also run through the Gather.Town sub-environment.  The Private Sector Physics Networking activity will be held here.  A number of lounges will be set up within Gather.Town where simple private meetings of old colleagues and acquaintances can also be held.  Delegates will be able to arrange impromptu meetings for continuation of discussions in small groups after a given parallel session or other Congress presentations/events.