2018 Professional Practice Exam.

Lecture TourCalling all Graduate and 4th year undergraduate physics students.  National 2018 Professional Practice Examination (PPE) will be written on January 23, 2018.

The date for writing the Professional Practice Examination (PPE) has been set for TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2018. Fourth year undergraduate students and graduate students may write the three-hour exam. While the exam is not offered to third year undergraduate students, they can write the exam for practice purposes only at the discretion of the host university.

There is no fee for the PPE; however, students must be CAP members to write the PPE.  It is mandatory that their membership be up-to-date prior to the exam. Membership in the CAP is free for undergraduate students and graduate students receive their first year of member free, after which reduced membership fees apply.

The CAP recognizes that some very good resources exist which may assist an applicant in preparing for the PPE. One very useful on-line resource is entitled “On Being a Scientist”, prepared by the American National Academy of Sciences. The on-line version of the booklet is available at http://books.nap.edu/html/obas/. Paper copies may be obtained directly from the NAS for a small fee.

Once students have passed the PPE and met all other necessary requirements, they can apply for their Professional Physicists (P.Phys.) designation.  It strengthens the professional profile and employability of Canadian Physicists and signifies an ability to work at a professional level in a professional capacity.