2018 Lecture Tour Update

The CAP Lecture Tour is an exciting annual event for undergraduate students in physics departments across Canada. The tour’s main objective is to share current advances and cutting-edge physics with undergraduate students by supporting invited talks at Canadian universities around the country.  Students have an opportunity to interact with leading physicists, and find out about careers in research. The tour allows departments to strengthen collaborations with the CAP, helps to increase the visibility of the CAP and promotes student memberships.

The CAP Lecture Tour speakers are nominated by their department chairs or colleagues every year. Last week, the CAP invited nominations for speakers who can present dynamic, engaging and clear lectures on any topic in physics. In order to increase the engagement of non-academic physicists and provide career information for physics students interested in non-academic career paths, this year the CAP has once again set a goal of having at least two physicists working in industry included in the list of lecture tour speakers.

A full list of potential speakers, together with an abstract of their lecture and a short bio will be posted on the CAP website by Wednesday, October 18. Student groups in participating departments will then be invited to select a speaker from the list by November 15. At the end of November, the Regional Lecture Tour Coordinators will send invitations to the chosen speakers. The Lecture Tour will take place between the months of January and April 2018. Lecture Tour dates will be posted to the CAP website once finalized. Help us make the 2018 Lecture Tour a success by nominating a speaker and promoting the tour among students.