2017 Art of Physics – Winners

The Canadian Association of Physicists launched the first Art of Physics Competition at their 1992 Annual Congress in Windsor, Ontario. The aim of the competition is to stimulate interest, especially among non-scientists, in some of the captivating imagery associated with physics. The challenge is to capture photographically a beautiful or unusual physics phenomenon and explain it in less than 200 words in terms that everyone can understand.

The winning entries, plus some selected entries from previous years, are announced at the CAP annual Congress.

The CAP proudly announces the 2017 Art of Physics winners:

Category Winning photo Winner  
High School/CEGEP Individual Project Category 1st Prize L’effet Leidenfrost Sarah El Shami
High School/CEGEP Individual Project Category 2nd Prize The Rainbow Phenomenon: Beyond the White Elizabeth Hua
High School/CEGEP Individual Project Category 3rd Prize La gouttelette Nicholas Mercier
High School/CEGEP Individual Project Category Honourable Mention Steel Wool Photography Rejav Hanif
High School/CEGEP Class Project Category 1st Prize Supported through Tension Oswald Pan
High School/CEGEP Class Project Category 2nd Prize The Future Optics Dashak Patel
High School/CEGEP Class Project Category Honourable Mention  

Diffraction Grating

Cindy Wang
Open Category 1st Prize Larmes photoélastiques Richard Germain
Open Category 2nd Prize Super lune refractée Richard Germain