Congrès virtuel de l’ACP 2020, 8-12 juin plus activités additionnelles du 15 juin au 16 juillet

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The Program Committee for the 2020 CAP Congress has developed a reduced program from the originally planned in-person Congress that was cancelled due to COVID-19.  An exciting series of presentations, talks, and meetings will be offered during the week of 2020 June 8-12, followed later by the CAP Best Oral Presentation final on 2020 June 25th, the DPE Program (including workshops and discussions on online teaching and learning) on 2020 June 15th, CINP Townhall meetings on June 22-23, and the IPP Townhall meetings on July 15-16.  In an effort to ensure that all presentations and meetings are accessible at reasonable times across Canada, they are all being offered between 10h00 and 17h00 EST.

The CAP invites you to join our Virtual Congress 2020

The week will begin with the traditional NSERC community update on June 8 from 11h15-11h50 EST. During the remainder of the week, there will be a series of technical sessions/talks, student presentation competition sessions, and annual business meetings offered by the CAP divisions and its partners.

Pour soutenir la grève académique pour les vies des Noirs organisée par nos collègues physiciens aux États-Unis (, l’ACP cesse toutes ses activités régulières et annule les sessions du Congrès virtuel de l’ACP le 10 juin. Les événements reprogrammés seront annoncés prochainement.

En outre, rejoignez-nous pour une session spéciale le 10 juin à 13h HAE, organisée par le Comité EDI de l’ACP, qui se concentrera sur les actions à prendre pour améliorer les expériences des étudiant(e)s et des chercheur(e)s noir(e)s en physique. Pour vous inscrire à cette session, cliquez ici.


Current details of the 2020 Virtual Congress:

The general outline of our virtual conference is in the program outline.  The online timetable, with the session details as they are currently available, can be found at  That site is being updated on a regular basis as the list of speakers and student competitors becomes finalized.



There is no fee to participate in these sessions; however, we will be asking anyone interested in participating to register using the links below to receive the connection instructions once they have been finalized.  

Virtual Congress Events that have been completed 

Special Session hosted by the CAP EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Committee, focused on taking action to improve the experiences of Black students and researchers in physics :

Wed., June 10, 13h00-14h00 EDT   (Event concluded)

NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Community Updates / Mises-à-jour de la CRSNG pour la communauté:

Mon, June 8, 11h15-11h45 EDT    (Event concluded.)

DAMOPC (Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Canada) – Student competition and Business Meeting:

Mon, June 8, 14h00-16h15 EDT  (Event concluded)

DAPI (Division of Applied Physics and Instrumentation) – Business Meeting:

Fri, June 12, 15h30-16h30 EDT (Event concluded)

DCMMP (Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) – Student competition Session :

Thurs, June 11, 12h00-13h00 EDT (Event concluded)

DHP (Division on the History of Physics) – Sarah Symons invited talk + Business Meeting:

Fri, June 12, 13h30-15h00 EDT  (rescheduled date) (Event concluded)

DNP (Division of Nuclear Physics) – Annual Business Meeting:

Thurs, June 11, 16h00-16h45 EDT (rescheduled date)  (Event concluded)

DNP (Division of Nuclear Physics) – Best Student Oral Competition:

Thurs, June 10, 13h00-15h55 EDT (Event concluded)

DPE (Division of Physics Education) – Meet and Greet, Annual Business Meeting, and Workshops and Discussions about online teaching and learning:

Mon, June 15, 12h30-16h00 EDT (Event concluded)

DPMB (Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology)- Business Meeting and Best Student Competition:

Mon, June 8, 12h00-13h30 EDT (Business Meeting)
13h45-16h30 EDT (Student Competition)   (Event concluded)

DPP (Division of Plasma Physics) – Symposium and Business Meeting:

Tues, June 9, 10h00-16h45 EDT  (Event concluded)

DTP (Division of Theoretical Physics) – Programmed Sessions, including the DTP Business Meeting and Student competition

Thurs, June 11, 12h00-15h05 EDT
Fri, June 12, 12h00-14h15 EDT (Event concluded)

PPD (Particle Physics Division)- Programmed Sessions and Business Meeting:

Mon, June 8, 12h00-17h15 EDT
Tues, June 9, 12h00-17h30 EDT
Thurs, June 11, 15h00-17h00 EDT (Business Meeting) – rescheduled date (Event concluded)

Soft Matter Canada 2020:  

Tues, June 9, 11h45-17h00 EDT
Wed, June 10  11h45-17h00 EDT (rescheduled to Wed. June 17 same time)
Thurs, June 11 13h00-15h15 EDT  (Event concluded)

CINP/IPP Joint Session:  

Thurs. June 11, 10h45-13h00 EDT  (rescheduled date) (Event concluded)

CINP (Canadian Institute for Nuclear Physics) – Annual General Meeting:  

Thurs, June 11, 17h00 EDT  (Rescheduled date) (Event concluded)

IPP (Institute of Particle Physics) Annual General Meeting:

Fri. June 12, 11h00-12h30 EDT  (rescheduled date) (Event concluded)

CINP Townhall meetings

Mon. June 22 – Tues. June 23, 11h30-16h30 EDT each day (Event Concluded)

CEWIP (Committee to Encourage Women in Physics) – Annual Business Meeting:

Tues, June 23, 14h30-16h30 EDT (Event Concluded)

CAP Best Student Oral Competition Finals:

Thurs. June 25, 12h00-14h20 EDT (Event Concluded)


IPP Townhall meetings

Wed. July 15 – Thurs. July 16, 11h30-16h30 EDT each day (Event concluded)