Liste des conférenciers invités 2019

Name Institution Talk Title Division(s)
Allison Gonsalves McGill University Understanding identity and social networks among women in graduate physics education CEFEP/DEP
Jean-Francois Pratte Université de Sherbrooke Introduction to 3D Digital SiPM and Latest Results for Particle Physics DPAI
Allison MacDonald D-Wave Quantum computing with the D-Wave processor DPAI
Ebrahim Karimi University of Ottawa Quantum Optics and Ion Traps DPAMPC
K. Rajibul Islam IQC, University of Waterloo Quantum simulation of 2D and 3D spin systems in a linear chain of trapped ions DPAMPC
Tim Friesen University of Calgary Tests of fundamental physics with trapped antihydrogen DPAMPC
TJ Hammond University of Windsor Strong fields for spectroscopy DPAMPC
Emil Hallin University of Saskatchewan Laser Wakefield Driven X‐ray Sources in Canada: Future perspectives for non-destructive imaging and Global Food Security DPAMPC
Eric A. Hessels York University A measurement of the Lamb shift in atomic hydrogen and its implication for the proton size puzzle DPAMPC
Nisha Rani Agarwal University of Ontario Institute of Technology Light-Matter Interaction and Spectroscopy DPAMPC
Thomas J. Hammond University of Windsor Light-Matter Interaction and Spectroscopy DPAMPC
Kirk W. Madison University of British Columbia New discoveries and observations of universal physics in collisions DPAMPC/DPMCM
Christoph Simon University of Calgary Quantum optics approaches for quantum networks and other applications DPAMPC/DPT
Michael Thewalt Simon Fraser University Investigation of radiation damage centers in highly isotopically enriched silicon-28 as potential single spin qubits accessible via spin/photon coupling DPAMPC/DPT
Valery Milner University British Columbia “Engaging undergraduates in science using advanced in-class demonstration technology” DPAMPC/DEP
Marina Milner-Bolotin University of British Columbia “To Flip or not to Flip: Video Experiments in Physics Teacher Education” DPAMPC/DEP
Kenji Kojima University of British Columbia /TRIUMF / Japanese Physical Society  Muon as a unique probe in condensed matter physics DPMCM
James Analytis University of California at Berkley  Connecting Superconductivity and Quantum Criticality with the High-Field Hall Effect in a Strange Metal DPMCM
Tom Timusk McMaster University Hydride Superconductors, a path to room temperature superconductivity DPMCM
Iain McKenzie TRIUMF $\beta$-NMR Studies of the Temperature and Depth Dependence of Dynamics in Polystyrene Thin Films DPMCM
David Sénéchal Université de Sherbrooke Strongly-coupled superconductivity from quantum cluster approaches DPMCM
Jeehoon Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology Violation of Ohm’s law in a Weyl metal DPMCM
Ke Zou University of British Columbia Emergent electronic states in chalcogenide/oxide heterostructures DPMCM
Kartiek Agarwal McGill University Symmetry protected Luttinger liquids on the surface of Quantum Hall Nematics. DPMCM
Ziliang Ye University of British Columbia Optical control of valley pseudospin in 2D semiconductors DPMCM
Tyler Cocker Michigan State University Ultrafast terahertz microscopy: from near fields to single atoms DPMCM
John Frostad University of British Columbia Direct Measurement of the Dynamic Modulus of Gellan Gum Micro-Capsules DPMCM
Sebastian Loth Institute for Functional Matter and Quantum Technologies, University of Stuttgart and Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart Atomic-scale dynamics of collective charge and spin excitations DPMCM
Jonathan Gaudet McMaster University Anti-chiral order and damped spin waves in the topological semi-metal Mn3Ge DPMCM
Alannah Hallas Department of Physics and Astronomy and SBQMI, University of British Columbia From Quantum Spin Ice to Ordered Spin Ice in the Pyrochlore Tb2Ge2O7 DPMCM
Kimberley Hall Dalhousie University Influence of Rashba effect on carrier kinetics in hybrid perovskites DPMCM
Edwin Huang Stanford University Strange metallic transport in the doped Hubbard model DPMCM
Mona Berciu University of British Columbia The magnon-mediated attraction between two holes doped in a CuO2 layer DPMCM
Colin Denniston University of Western Ontario Polymer dynamics in confined flows DPMCM
Emanuele Orgiu Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), EMT Centre When Molecules Met 2D Materials: Hybrid van der Waals Heterostructures DPMCM
Paul Corkum University of Ottawa Vector beams, high harmonic generation and sub-focal spot coherent control DPMCM (science optique)
François Légaré Institute national de la recherche scientifique Tracking the Phase Transition in VO2 using High Harmonic Spectroscopy DPMCM (science optique)
David Jones University of British Columbia Harnessing amplified ultrafast laser pulses for studying and controlling quantum materials DPMCM (science optique)
Lindsay LeBlanc University of Alberta Spin-dependent superfluidity in ultracold BECs DPMCM (science optique)
Donna Strickland University of Waterloo Investigation of Multi-frequency Raman Generated Spectra DPMCM (science optique)
Duncan O’Dell McMaster University Light-cones and quantum caustics in quenched spin chains DPMCM (science optique)
Joseph Thywissen University of Toronto Conductivity of a perfect crystal DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Marcel Franz University of British Columbia “Black holes, wormholes and solid state realizations of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models” DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Anton Burkov University of Waterloo Magnetotransport in topological metals DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Young-June Kim University of Toronto Quantum magnetism in honeycomb lattice materials DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Thomas Timusk McMaster University Hydride Superconductors, a path to room temperature superconductivity DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Kemp Plumb Brown University Magnetic Excitation Spectrum of a Coulomb Spin Liquid DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Richard Harris D-Wave Systems Quantum magnetism on a chip DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
David Broun Simon Fraser University From Mott to not: phenomenology of overdoped cuprates DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud Institut Quantique, Université de Sherbrooke Exploring the pseudogap critical point of cuprate superconductors DCMMP (Matériaux quantiques)
David Axen University of British Columbia Emeritus  “Early Days of the TRIUMF Cyclotron” DHP
Jess Brewer University of British Columbia  Emeritus “The History of muSR at TRIUMF” DHP
Mike Rowe NIST Center for Neutron Research “Bertram N. Brockhouse” DHP
John Root Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation “The Canadian Neutron Beam Centre at Chalk River” DHP
Jamieson Blair University of Winnipeg Progress on ultracold neutrons at TRIUMF DPN
Leigh Graham TRIUMF Electron beam ion source (EBIS) for charge breeding for post acceleration DPN
Jacques Farine Laurentian University Latest results from EXO-200 and status of nEXO DPN
Mohammad Ahmady Mount Allison University Dynamical spin effects in the pion light-front wavefunction DPN
Matt Williams TRIUMF / York University . (UK) Commissioning and initial operation of the EMMA recoil mass spectrometer DPN
Zisis Papandreou University of Regina The GlueX Experiment: A Search for Exotic Matter DPN
Rodney Orford Lawrence Berkeley Lab Modern-day precision mass measurements and the astrophysical r process DPN
Tomofumi Nagae Kyoto University Recent progress on Strangeness Nuclear Physics at J-PARC DPN
Erich Leistenschneider University of British Columbia / TRIUMF High Precision Mass Spectrometry for Fundamental Tests of the Weak Interaction DPN
Mukut Kalita TRIUMF Towards measuring atomic parity violation effects in fancium DPN
Anna McCoy TRIUMF Ab initio exploration of 12C DPN
Aleksandra Bialek SNOLAB Status of the SNO+ experiment DPN
Ryan Dunlop University of Guelph Decay studies using the GRIFFIN Spectrometer at TRIUMF-ISAC DPN
Richard Casten Yale University John D’Auria and his legacy DPN (John D’Auria)
Peter Kunz TRIUMF Rare Isotope Production at ISAC/TRIUMF DPN (John D’Auria)
Caterina Ramogida Simon Fraser University Production and purification of radium-225 and actinium-225 at TRIUMF’s Isotope Separation On-line (ISOL) facility and subsequent radiolabeling studies with alpha-emitter actinium-225 DPN (John D’Auria)
Thomas Ruth TRIUMF Life with a Scientific Cyclone: Personal reflections on my collaborations with John D’Auria DPN (John D’Auria)
Christopher Wrede Michigan State University Methods to constrain thermonuclear rates (by and for John D’Auria) DPN (John D’Auria)
Vesna Sossi University of British Columbia Positron emission tomography (PET) contributions to a better understanding of brain function DPN (John D’Auria)
Jared Stang & Joss Ives University of British Columbia “Four-way high-fives during exams: Adding a group phase to provide immediate feedback and increase enjoyment.” DEP
Sandra Eix “Director of STEM Learning” at ScienceWorld. “Ignite wonder, empower dreams, explode soda” DEP
Mats Selen University of Illinois Reforming Intro Physics Labs to Focus on Innovation, Creativity, and Scientific Skills DEP
Gina Passante  Cal State Fullerton “Improving Conceptual Understanding Through Visual Reasoning: An Example from Quantum Mechanics” DEP
Joanne O’Meara University of Guelph Physics Students as Museum Curators – the incredible success story of STEM Week 2018 DEP
Ryan Martin Queen’s University On developing an open access first year physics textbook and other free things DEP
Paul Fam & Tia Nguyen Nelson An Integrative, Student-Centered Approach to Teaching Today’s Physics and Astronomy Students DEP
Marina Milner-Bolotin & Robert Hawkes University of British Columbia (Milner-Bolotin)

Mount Allison University (Hawkes)

Implementing Innovation in Physics Teaching and Learning DEP
Dr. Cornelia Hoehr TRIUMF Cyclotrons for Medicine DPMB
Prof.  Zev Bryant  Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University Engineering Biomolecular Motors DPMB
Prof. Dan Xiao Department of Physics, University of Windsor Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging DPMB
Dr. Tony Popescu Department of Medical Physics, BC Cancer Agency Modern Applications of Monte Carlo Simulations in External Beam Radiotherapy DPMB
Prof. Anna Celler Department of Radiology, University of British Columbia The role of physics in Nuclear Medicine DPMB
Prof. Na Ji Department of Physics, UC Berkeley Imaging the brain at high spatiotemporal resolution DPMB
Dr. Ian V. Ross Nikon Instruments Inc. Applications of Modern Optical Microscopy in Biology DPMB
Dr. Nancy Ford Department Oral Biological & Medical Sciences, University of British Columbia Optimization of dental cone beam tomography for planning dental implant treatments DPMB
Devika Chithrani University of Victoria Road-map to use of gold nanoparticles in cancer radiotherapy DPMB
Michelle Hilts BC Cancer / University of British Columbia Breast radiotherapy in a single day: innovation advancing clinical care DPMB
Dr. Sattar Taheri-Araghi California State University Dying Escherichia coli cells absorb antimicrobial peptides, enhancing the survivability cell culture DPMB/DPMCM/BSC
Prof. Ozzy Mermut Department of Physics and Astronomy, York University Biophotonics Techniques Enabling Smart Aging DPMB/DPAMPC
Prof. Michèle Desjardins Département de physique, de génie physique et d’optique, Université Laval (Québec, QC); Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec – Université Laval (Québec, QC) Axe Oncologie Studying the brain across scales using imaging and physics DPMB/DPAMPC
Dror Warshawski Université du Québec à Montréal Proteins drilling holes in lipid membranes: The influence of the membrane physical parameters DPMB/DPMCM/BSC
Cecile Fradin Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University In-Vivo Solid-State NMR for the Study of Biological Membranes DPMB/DPMCM/BSC
Peter Tieleman Department of Biochemistry, University of Calgary Computer simulations of biological membrane models: lateral structure and lipid-protein interactions DPMB/DPMCM/BSC
Prof. Ali Hatef Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Nipissing University Analysis of Plasmonic and Plasma Assisted Photoacoustic Response from Metallic Nanostructures Irradiated by Fast and Ultrafast Laser DPMB/DPAMPC
Prof. Evgeny Pavlov Department of Basic Sciences, New York Universtiy Molecular composition of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore DPMB/DPMCM/BSC
Jennifer Noble Université Aix Marseille UV spectroscopy of cold aromatic molecular systems as a diagnostic of size, functional group, and charge effects. DPP
Gilles Cartry Université Aix Marseille Negative-ion surface production in hydrogen low-pressure plasmas DPP
Jason Myatt University of Alberta Ultra-broad bandwidth lasers opening up an easier path to laser fusion DPP (Plasma Physics Symposium)
Michael Delage General Fusion Developments in Compression of Magnetized Plasmas DPP (Plasma Physics Symposium)
Michel Laberge General Fusion General Fusion’s Approach to Magnetized Target Fusion DPP (Physique des plasmas – colloques)
Ding Li Chinese Academy of Sciences The effect of hyper-resistivity on nonlinear resistive tearing modes DPP (Physique des plasmas – colloques)
Phillip Evans University of British Columbia Plasma Treatment of Wood Surfaces DPP (Physique des plasmas – colloques)
Eric Poisson University of Guelph Coulombic contribution to angular momentum flux in general relativity DPT
James Sully University of British Columbia  Boundary conditions, zero modes, and spacetime entropy DPT
Mark van Rammsdonk University of British Columbia Spacetime from bits and cosmology from black holes DPT
Hari Kunduri Memorial University of Newfoundland  New thermodynamic identities for five-dimensional black holes DPT
Mark Walton University of Lethbridge DPT
Joanna Karczmarek University of British Columbia Entanglement entropy on the noncommutative sphere DPT
Gabor Kunstatter University of Winnipeg Lost horizons: modelling the formation and evaporation of non-singular black holes DPT
Daniel Stolarski Carleton University New Physics In Higgs Decays to Leptons DPT
Tom Steele University of Saskatchewan Asymptotic Safety in the Conformal Hidden Sector DPT
Richard Shaw University of British Columbia Probing Dark Energy with CHIME DPT
Heather Logan Carleton University Limits on exotic contributions to electroweak symmetry breaking DPT
Olivia Di Matteo TRIUMF Operational, gauge-free quantum tomography DPT
Gordon Semenoff University of British Columbia Entanglement and the Infrared DPT
Adam Ritz University of Victoria EDMs and Dark Sectors DPT
Ghazal Geshnizjani University of Waterloo Cuscuton Bounce DPT
Richard Mackenzie Université de Montréal

Qubits as edge state detectors: illustration using the SSH model

Dagoberto Contreras York University

A critical analysis of the CMB: constraining CMB physics with peaks, valleys, and saddles

Fabrice Retiere TRIUMF

Applications – Single photo-detector landscape in Canada

Fabrice Retiere TRIUMF

Development – Hybrid photo-detectors

Jean-Francois Pratte Université de Sherbrooke

Development – 3DdSiPM

Thomas McElroy McGill University

Applications – nEXO, LoLX and liquid Xenon

Giacomo Gallina TRIUMF

Development – development of VUV light detection solutions

P. Giampa TRIUMF

Applications – liquid Argon

K. Clark Queen’s University

Applications – Bubble chamber

A. Konaka TRIUMF

Water Cerenkov for long baseline neutrino oscillation

T. Linder TRIUMF

Development – mPMT

F. Edalatfar TRIUMF

Commercial opportunities

Bernd Stelzer Simon Fraser University

Run-2 physics results from the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider

Jesse Alan Heilman Carleton University

Upgrades to the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

Mark Hartz TRIUMF / Kavli IPMU (University of Tokyo)

Neutrino Oscillations at T2K and Hyper-K

Racha Cheaib University of British Columbia

Status of the Belle II experiment and overview of early semi-leptonic and leptonic results

David McKeen TRIUMF

Dark matter in a dark sector

PPD (la matière sombre)
Alison Lister University of British Columbia

Dark Sector Searches on ATLAS

PPD (la matière sombre)
Christopher Hearty University of British Columbia Dark sector, dark matter, and related searches at Belle II PPD (la matière sombre)
Miriam Diamond SLAC National Laboratory Searches for Dark Sectors in Fixed-Target Experiments PPD (la matière sombre)
Aaron Vincent Queen’s University Indirect searches for dark matter: annihilation, decay and collider production PPD (la matière sombre)
Joseph Bramante Queen’s University Overview of Dark Matter Direct Detection PPD (la matière sombre)
Simon Viel Carleton University Dark matter search results from DEAP-3600 at SNOLAB PPD (la matière sombre)
Silvia Scorza SNOLAB SuperCDMS SNOLAB: the search for low-mass dark matter particles PPD (la matière sombre)
Marie-Cécile Piro University of Alberta Search for Dark Matter with NEWS-G experiment PPD (la matière sombre)
Chrisopher Ryan Anelli University of Victoria

Overview of Dark Matter Searches by the ATLAS Experiment

PPD (la matière sombre)
John Bechhoefer Simon Fraser University Maxwell’s demon in the real world: Experiments on control, information, and thermodynamics.  Soft Matter
Kari Dalnoki-Verress McMaster University  Droplets as model systems for investigating 2D crystals, glasses, and the growth dynamics of granular aggregates Matière molle
Hendrick W. de Haan Ontario Institute of Technology Machine Learning as a Tool to Study Soft Matter in Confinement Matière molle
An-Chang Shi McMaster University The Packing of Soft Spheres Matière molle
Anton Zilman University of Toronto  Self-regulating mechanisms of bi-directional transport through the Nuclear Pore Complex Matière molle
Cécile Fradin McMaster University Anomalous, caged and obstructed diffusion as seen through the lens of inverted variable-lengthscale fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Matière molle
Carl Michal University of British Columbia Finding Myelin: Quantum mechanics in cow brains? Matière molle
Gertjan Hofman Honeywell Panelist  Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Payam Mousavi MDA / MAXAR Panalist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Andrew Feltham Broadcom Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Mark Johnson D-Wave Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Shun Chi MDA / MAXAR Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Ian D’Souza Honeywell Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Daniel Cluff CanMind Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Jens Dilling Insight Data Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Sanjeev Seahra University of New Brunswick Industrial Problem Solving Workshops Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué
Kathryn Hayashi President & CEO, TRIUMF Innovations Panelist Travailler comme un physicien industriel, professionnel ou appliqué