Atelier sur la politique scientifique

The CAP is pleased to host a Science Policy Workshop from 13h45-14h45 on Monday, June 7th.

‘em jlHvaD Hoch The Science (& Art) of Compelling Storytelling

Polish up your Klingon (the title is a bit of a teaser; it is a Klingon translation of “Tell me more”)! Effective communication is key when it comes to talking about your research, presenting your research at conferences, and writing papers; Even more so when trying to sell your ideas and research to funding agencies and politicians and decision makers. Lorna Somers has perfected the art of storytelling, speaking at educational, arts and charitable organizations throughout the world.  “Tell me more!” is what we want our listeners to say when we are talking about our research. But they will not get there if they do not understand what we are talking about or why it is relevant and important! During this workshop, Lorna will teach us how to effectively communicate in different contexts and with different audiences.

The workshop will be delivered by Lorna Somers, Assistant Vice-President, Development, McMaster University.  Somers has been working in University Advancement at McMaster University since 1988.  Somers currently focuses her attention on working closely with senior academic leaders and volunteers to secure principal level gifts, (most notable among them, the largest cash gift to a Canadian university), and to leading McMaster’s new Brighter World Research Initiative.

A more detailed bio is available here.