2021 Atelier pour les enseignants du secondaire/Cegep (anglais seulement)

The CAP is pleased to host the CAP High School Teachers Workshop on Sunday, June 6th, from 12h00 to 17h00.

This year’s CAP High School Teachers Workshop will give participants the opportunity to meet colleagues from across Canada while learning about Quantum Computing. Quantum Mechanics and its current applications are already on the curriculum in some provinces, and we have heard from many teachers that they are interested in learning more.

We have invited four speakers who are experienced outreach instructors: John Donohue (IQC Waterloo), Maxime Dion (Institute Quantique, Sherbrooke), and Haris Amiri and Hanieh Aghaee-Rad (UBC).

They will guide participants through (high school-appropriate) quantum mechanics as a background for quantum information science and technology, introduce qubits, quantum circuits, the gate model and the annealing model, and demonstrate simulations and hands-on activities that participants can use with their students.

We will also talk about societal implications, jobs in the quantum industry, and provide further resources.

Registration (for the whole congress) is only $20 for High School teachers.

This workshop will be delivered in English. 

To attend the workshop only, register through EventBrite.

To participate in the full Congress, Register here

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