Congrès antérieurs


Année Emplacement Nombre de participants Conférencier principal Titre de la présentation principale
2023 University of New Brunswick 443 (en personne)

22 (accès virtuelle)

Mark Kasevich
Stanford University
“Gravitational Physics with Atom Interferometry”
2022 McMaster University 632 (en personne)

48 (accès virtuelle)

Donna Strickland, University of Waterloo

(Nobel lauréate de 2018)

« Génération d’impulsions optiques de haute intensité et ultracourtes »
2021 Congrès virtuel 1037 Frank Wilczek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) “Quanta of the Third Kind: Anyons”
2020 Congrès virtuel gratuit (participation non suivie) n/a n/a
2020 McMaster University (en personne annulée en raison de Covid-19) n/a n/a
2019 Simon Fraser University 675 Manu Prakash, Stanford University La science frugale à l’ère de la curiosité
2018 Dalhousie University 508 Nergis Mavalvala, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO)/Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Warped Universe: The One Hundred Year Quest to Discover Einstein’s Gravitational Waves
2017 Queen’s University 509 Art McDonald, Université Queen’s, et le SNOLAB Questions profondes, noires : les neutrinos et la matière noire à l’ONS et à SNOLAB
2016 University of Ottawa 647 Victoria Kaspi, McGill University The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars
2015 University of Alberta 574 Prof. Miguel Alcubierre, Nuclear Sciences Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico Faster than the Speed of Light
2014 Sudbury, Ontario 512 Prof. John Ellis, Kings College London The Higgs Boson and Beyond
2013 Université de Montréal 728 Prof. Serge Haroche Juggling with Photons in a Box to Explore the Quantum World
2012 University of Calgary 620 Dr. Anton Zeilinger Quantum Information: From the Foundations to a New Technology
2011 Memorial University of Newfoundland 463 Dr. Rolf Heuer, Director-General, CERN The Large Hadron Collider LHC: Entering a new era of fundamental science
2010 University of Toronto 855 Dr. Charles Townes, University of California at Berkeley 50th Anniversary of the Laser
2009 University of Moncton 418 Dr. Laurent Drissen, Université Laval The Splendours and Miseries of Massive Stars
2008 Laval University 642 Dr. Raymond Laflamme, Institute for Quantum Computing/University of Waterloo Harnessing the Quantum World
2007 University of Saskatchewan 601 Dr. Carl Wieman, University of British Columbia A Science Education in the 21st Century : Using the Tools of Science to Teach Science
2006 Brock University 460 Ernest L. McFarland, University of Guelph Energy: Where on Earth are we Going?
2005 University of British Columbia 585 Dr. Clifford Will, Washington University, St. Louis Was Einstein Right?
2004 University of Manitoba 688 Dr. P. James E. Peebles, Princeton University A Cosmic Picture Show: Images from Astronomy
2003 University of Prince Edward Island 501 Dr. David Southwood, Director of Science, European Space Agency Space Near and Far – Exploring our Universe and our Place in it
2002 Quebec Convention Centre 1089 Dr. Eric Cornell, University of Colorado Bose-Einstein Condensation Experiments in an Ultracold Atomic Gas
2001 University of Victoria 389 Dr. Kip Thorne, Caltech University Gravitational Waves : A New Window onto the Universe
2000 York University 495 Robert Park, American Physical Society Voodoo Science
1999 University of New Brunswick 303 Robert (Bob) McDonald, Host of CBC’s ‘Quirks and Quarks’ Program Science in the Third Millennium : A Journalist’s Perspective
1998 University of Waterloo 433 Dr. Steven Chu, Stanford University Laser Cooling and Trapping of Atoms and Particles
1997 University of Calgary 360 Dr. Carol Christian, Director, Public Outreach, Space Telescope Science Institute Recent Results from the Hubble Space Telescope
1996 University of Ottawa 485 Sir John Maddox, Former Editor of “Nature” Magazine Where is Science Heading?
1995 Laval University 662 Prof. Arthur L. Schawlow, Stanford University Fifty Years of Physics and Physicists
1994 University of Regina 280 Prof. Allan Bromley, Sterling Professor of the Sciences, Yale University Physics and the 21st Century
1993 Simon Fraser University 405
1992 University of Windsor 401 Prof. Kenneth Wilson, Ohio State University Overall Issues for Educational Reform in the U.S.
1991 University of Manitoba 332 Richard Taylor, Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre Inside the Proton
1990 Memorial University of Newfoundland 287
1989 University of Guelph 473
1988 University of Montreal (joint with APS) 620
1987 University of Toronto 656
1986 University of Alberta 350
1985 University of New Brunswick 349
1984 University of Sherbrooke 552
1983 University of Victoria (joint with CASCA) 545 The Honorable Donald J. Johnston, Minister of State, Economic Development and Science & Technology Opening Address
1982 Queen’s University/Royal Military College 494
1981 Dalhousie University 402
1980 McMaster University 511
1979 University of British Columbia 443
1978 University of Western Ontario 423
1977 University of Saskachewan 357
1976 Laval University, joint with APS/SMF 824
1975 York University 609
1974 Memorial University of Newfoundland 571
1973 University of Montreal 581
1972 University of Alberta 645
1971 Carleton University 804
1970 University of Manitoba joint with APS/SMF 842
1969 University of Waterloo 548
1968 University of Alberta 516
1967 University of Toronto with APS/SMF 1200
1966 University of Sherbrooke 341
1965 University of British Columbia 388
1964 Dalhousie University
1963 Laval University
1962 McMaster University
1961 Sir George Williams University
1960 Queen’s University
1959 University of Saskatchewan
1958 McMaster University
1957 University of Ottawa
1956 University of Montreal
1955 University of Toronto with APS
1954 University of Manitoba
1953 University of Western Ontario
1952 Laval University
1951 McGill University/University of Montreal with Learned Societies
1950 McMaster University
1949 Laval University
1948 National Research Council
1947 University of Western Ontario
1946 University of Toronto