Gagnants – Prix des affiches des étudiants de l’ACP

Logan Cooke | DAMOPC

Artifical Gauge Fields in Bose-Einstein Condensates


Jordan Fordyce | DAMOPC

Carbon Disulfide Superrotors in Helium Nanodroplets


Denis Uhland| DAMOPC

Production of Ultracold Lithium Triplet Dimers by STIRAP

Wrick Dasgupta


Thin Film Characterization


Oliver Shelbaya


Beam Physics Models of the TRIUMF Linear Accelerators for Advanced Beam Tuning Methods

Jonathan Corbett | PPD

A Neutron Calibration System for the Cryogenic Underground Test Facility (CUTE)


Benjamin Jaeger | PPD

In SITU Measurements of the Atlas Jet Energy Resolution Using 13 TeV PP Data


Sourav Sarkar | PPD

Search for Neutrino Trident Events in Ice Cube

Jeremy Marvin | DPMB

Concentration of Cells and Elimination of Extraneous Background Signals in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to Identify, Differentiate and Detect Bacteria

Avinash Kuman | DCMMP

Optimal Feedback Tweezers