Preparing ahead for an oral presentation in a parallel session

Instructions for presenters in parallel sessions

15-minute talks are 12 minutes of presentation plus 3 minutes for questions.

  • (Room timers: green light 10 minutes, yellow light 2 minutes, red light start of questions.)

30-minute talks are 25 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes for questions.

  • (Room timers: green light 20 minutes, yellow light 5 minutes, red light start of questions.)

Please plan accordingly.

If using the room computer

  • Please bring your presentation as PowerPoint or PDF
    For swiftest transfer to the room computer, please bring the presentation on a USB stick –
    the title should include “CAP” and your name.
  • Please bring your presentation to the room manager (red CAP shirt) or Chair of the session
    at least 15 minutes before the start of the session./li>
  • Please launch and test your presentation on the room computer before the session begins.
  • Check that videos/animations work and that fonts/mathematics are correctly represented.

If bringing your own computer

  • Please test the following procedure in advance of your presentation.
  • You can connect to the Teams meeting in order to test, even before the scheduled day/time.
  • Find your session number at (search for CAP Congress 2023 or go directly to
    e.g. M1-5 for Monday, 1st parallel session of the day, parallel session number 5
  • Have an HDMI connector or bring with you an adapter to allow you to connect to HDMI.
  • Your computer needs to be able to connect to a Teams meeting.
    (It is possible to do this through a browser, but best results are usually achieved by
    installing Teams on your computer. You can install Teams from app stores or from for free.)

    1. Launch your presentation.
    2. Join the Teams meeting for your session number. The meeting links can be found by
      logging in at with the same login you used to register. (Look for “2023
      Congress Virtual Viewing Access”.)
    3. Click the “Share” icon (upwards arrow), select “Window” and choose the window
      which contains your presentation.
    4. Enter presentation mode.

In the event of any difficulty connecting with your own computer, it is best to switch to the
room computer.

Plenary presenters on Monday to Wednesday should contact the audiovisual staff at the
table in the Richard J. Currie Center main hall on level 4 (performance gym).