Projet DEP/ACP pour curriculum de physique au premier cycle

NOTE: Le texte français viendra sous peu

There is a need for continuing revitalization of undergraduate physics education in order to track the changes in the world in which university students find themselves. Therefore, our committee was asked to develop a recommended undergraduate physics curriculum for Canadian universities.

As our first report to the Physics community, we have drafted a model for discussion, which focuses on the core material recommended for an honours major in Physics. We have separated the curriculum in to two components: recommendations for 1st year, as well as core material for 2nd year and beyond. Please contact any member of the committee with your feedback on this initiative.

Curriculum recommendations for 1st year (Aug 2004)

Curriculum recommendations for 2nd year and beyond (Aug 2004)

Curriculum Committee Members

  • Bob Hawkes, Mount Allison University
  • Joanne O’Meara, University of Guelph
  • Tom Steele, University of Saskatchewan
  • Tom Tiedje, University of British Columbia