Le financement du CRSNG crée un président principal de la recherche industrielle sur les biomatériaux à l’Université Trent de 3 millions de dollars

(en anglais seulement, sauf le profil du titulaire de la chaire de Suresh Narine du CRSNG, qui est disponible à la fin du texte)

Over $1.5 million in new NSERC funding was provided to create the “NSERC/GFO/ERS Senior Industrial Research Chair in Lipid Derived Biomaterials,” awarded to Dr. Suresh Narine, director, Trent Biomaterials Research Program, and professor, Physics and Astronomy, and Chemistry.

This research award, when combined with the match investments announced in October, 2009 by Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. ($1 million) and a $500,000 investment by the Ontario Soybean Growers (since renamed as the Grain Farmers of Ontario), places Trent’s Biomaterials Research Program among the top-tier research facilities of its kind in the world, pursuing fundamental and applied research investigating the use of lipids in different applications.”

“Our research offers an alternative solution – to employ agriculturally-sourced renewable feed stocks (fats and oils) to design functional materials more environmentally benign and more in sync with the natural carbon cycle so as to abate and combat climate change,” said Dr. Narine.

Le communiqué de presse officiel est disponible au lien suivant (an englais seulement): http://www.trentu.ca/newsevents/newsreleases_101112nserc.php

Le profil du titulaire de la chaire de Suresh Narine du CRSNG est disponible au lien suivant (en français): http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Partners-Partenaires/Chairholders-TitulairesDeChaire/Chairholder-Titulaire_fra.asp?pid=449