Histoire de la physique au congrès

2018 (Dalhousie University / Université Dalhousie)

Gravity and Cosmology (joint with DTP) / Gravité et cosmologie (conjointement avec DPT)

“What we Have Learned from the Cosmic Microwave Background”, HALPERN, Mark.

“The CMB and the Early Universe”, WILSON-EWING, Edward.

“Bianchi IX Dynamics in Dust Time”, ALI, Masooma.

“Is There a Cosmological Constant Problem?”, HASSAN, Syed Moeez.

History of Physics / Histoire de la physique

“Two Hundred Years of Physics at Dalhousie”, JERICHO, Manfred.

John Stuart Foster and Canada’s First Cyclotron”, HANNA, David.

The Role of the Cyclotrons in Photosynthesis Research”, BARLETTA, Francesco.

2017 (Queen’s University / Université Queen’s)

 History of Physics / Histoire de la physique

“Queen’s Physics”, STOTT, Malcolm.

“J. D. Jackson, Physicist, Teacher, Citizen”, QUIGG, Chris.

“Recent Trends in Canadian Neutron Scattering: A Comparative Bibliographic Study”, CLANCY, Patrick.

2016 (Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa)

History of Physics / Histoire de la physique

“Documenting the Magnetic Crusade in Canada”, PANTALONY, David.

“Enrico Fermi’s Group at La Sapienza Included Franco Rasetti: de Rome à Québec ce Rasetti fonde le département de physique il y a 75 ans”, ROY, René.

100 Years in 100 Minutes: A Century of Physics at the National Research Council of Canada (organized by NRC) / 100 ans en 100 minutes: un siècle de physique au Conseil national de recherche du Canada (organisé par le CNRC)

“Basic and Applied Physics and Standards”, ROWELL, Nelson.

“Chemical Physics”, STOLOW, Albert.

“Astrophysics”, FAHLMAN, Gregory.

“Biological Physics”, JOHNSTON, Linda.

“Physics for Industrial Applications”, CHARBONNEAU, Sylvain.

2015 (University of Alberta/ Université d’Alberta)

Advanced Instrumentation at Major Science Facilities – Detectors I (DIMP) / Instrumentation avancée dans des installations scientifiques majeures – détecteurs I (DPIM)

“The Electrodynamometer of the McPherson Collection of Scientific Instruments”, BARRETTE, Jean.

2014 (Laurentian University / Université laurentienne)

100 Years of X-Ray Diffraction (joint with DCMMP) / 100 ans de diffusion des rayons X (conjointement avec DPMCM)

“History of X-Ray Diffraction in Canada”, SUTTON, Mark.

“Biomedical Imaging Applications of X-Ray Diffraction”, CHAPMAN, Dean.

History of Physics / Histoire de la physique

“The Key Contributions of Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1736-1813) to the Theory of Partial Differential Equations”, BARLETTA, Francesco.

“The Mysterious Role of Alkaloids in Plants Revealed by a Multidisciplinary Approach”, BARLETTA, Francesco.

2013 (Université de Montréal)

Mini-Symposium on Mass Spectrometry (joint with DNP and PPD / Mini-symposium sur la spectrométrie de masse (conjointement avec DPN et PPD)

“A Brief History of Mass Spectrometry (with Canadian Highlights)”, SHARMA, Kumar.

“Mass Spectrometry of Rare Radioactive Isotopes in the Environment”, CORNETT, Jack.

“Stable Isotopes used as Biological Probes Enable Atomic Mass Spectrometry to Expand Cytometry for Single Cell Deep Profiling of the Human Immune System”, TANNER, Scott.

“Isotope Measurements in Canada – Reading the stories Told by the Isotopes”, WEISER Michael.

History of Physics / Histoire de la physique

“Triumphs and Terrors of a Quarter Century of Physics in Physics World”, JOHNSTON, H.

“The McPherson Collection of Scientific Instruments”, BARRETTE, J.

“Fermi’s Theory of Beta Decay and the Hypothesis of the Nuclear Electrons”, BARLETTA, F.

2012 (University of Calgary)

Plenary session / Session plénière

“Cosmic Rays – The First 100 Years”, HANNA, David.

Canada’s Contributions to Research in Cosmic Rays / Contributions canadiennes sur la recherche sur les rayons cosmiques

“Fifty Years of the Very Large to the Very Small: A Quick Look at the First Half-Century of Calgary’s Department of Physics and Astronomy”, THOMPSON, R.

“History of Cosmic Ray Research in Canada – The Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station at Banff, Alberta”, HICKS, R. B.

“The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory – A Historical Perspective”, LANGILL, P.

“Exploring the Power of Isotopic Composition for Use as Environmental and Forensic Tracers: Forty Years of Isotope Science at the University of Calgary”, WIESER, M.

“The Making of the Rutherford Documentary”, CAMPBELL, J.

Poster / Affiche

“Histoire de la physique”, BENNEKROUF, A. S.

2011 (Memorial University)

100th Anniversary of Rutherford’s Discovery (joint with DNP) / 100e anniversaire de la découverte de Rutherford (conjointement avec DNP)

“Ernest Rutherford and the Origins of Nuclear Physics”, HARDY, John

Relativity and Spacetime: From the Beginnings to Quantum Gravity and Cosmology (joint with DTP) / Relativité et espace-temps: des débuts à la gravité quantique et à la cosmologie (conjointement avec DPT)

“Einstein and Poincaré at Solvay 1911: A Non-Meeting”, MATHIEU, Pierre

“Recent Developments in Understanding Quantum Spacetime”, MANN, Robert

“Background Independent Quantization: Field Theory and Cosmology”, HUSAIN, Viqar

Superconductivity (joint with DCMMP) / Supraconductivité (conjointement avec DPMCM)

“A Century of Discoveries and Superconductivity Continues to Surprise”, MARSIGLIO, Frank

“Strongly Correlated Superconductivity”, TREMBLAY, André-Marie

“Multiband Superconductivity in 2H-NbSe2 Revealed by Cryomagnetic STM Spectroscopy Under Finite Superfluid Momentum”, WEI, John

DHP Session / Session de la DHP

“Made in Saskatchewan: Tracing the History of Prairie Physics Through Scientific Instruments”, PANTALONY, David

2010 (University of Toronto)

History of the Laser in Canada I – Boris Stoicheff Memorial session (joint with DOP) / Histoire du laser au Canada I – À la mémoire de Boris Stoicheff (conjointement avec DOP)

“Early Canadian Development and Research in Laser Science (as submitted by Dr. Stoicheff)”, STOICHEFF, Boris (video), VAN DRIEL, Henry.

“Present at the Creation, the Gestation, Birth and Growth of two Companies that Pioneered the Development of Commercial Laser Devices”, CRAWFORD, A. R.

“The Role of Lasers Through MPB’s 30 Plus Year Adventure”, BACHYNSKI, Morrel.

History of the Laser in Canada II (joint with DOP) / Histoire du laser au Canada II (conjointement avec DOP)

“My Laser Adventure, 1961 to 2010: From a Solution Without a Problem to the Surface of Mars”, CARSWELL, Allan.

“High Intensity Lasers for Plasma/Fusion Science (IR to UV)”, OFFENBERGER, Allan.

Research at Toronto and Chalk River: The beginning / La recherche à Toronto et à Chalk River: le début

“Liquid Helium Research at Toronto and Chalk River in the 50s and 60s”, WOODS, A. D. B.

“Nuclear Structure and Reaction Studies in Canada 1945–1965”, LITHERLAND, A. E.

“Exploring Canada’s Nuclear History Through Artifacts, 1945-1970”, PANTALONY, David.

History of Physics contributed

“A Historical Note: Piezoelectric Materials in Generation and Detection of Ultrasound, over a Century of Innovation”, PANDYA, Aditya

2009 (Université de Moncton)

Plenary session / Session plénière

“Galileo and the International Year of Astronomy”, SOBEL, Dava.

Centenaries on the 9’s / Centenaires sur les 9’s

“The August 1909 meeting of the BAAS in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba”, CONNOR, Robert.

“Alexander Graham Bell, Baddeck and Thin Airfoils”, PENNA, Paul.

“The Early Days of the McGill Physics Department”, BARRETTE, Jean.

“The Fabulous Life of Albert A. Michelson”, KLEPPNER, Daniel.

2008 (Université Laval)

Plenary sessions / Sessions plénières

“Rutherford – His Path to the Nobel Prize”, CAMPBELL, John

“Petite histoire des sciences et de leur enseignement au Québec”, LACOURSIÈRE, Jacques.

History of Physics / Histoire de la physique

“Ernest Rutherford at McGill”, BARRETTE, Jean.

“A Scrapbook History of Physics at the University of Saskatchewan”, PYWELL, Robert.

“The National Research Universal (NRU) Reactor – Fifty Years of Excellence”, ROOT, John.

“100 Years of Liquid Helium: Highlights of Canadian Research”, GRIFFIN, Allan.

“In Defense of Peter J. W. Debye”, STEINITZ, Michael Otto.

“The Russian Space Program: The Things you Know and Things you Never Heard About”, BARKANOVA, Svetlana.

2007 (University of Saskatchewan)

History of Physics in Canada – Invited / Histoire de la physique au Canada – Communications invitées

“Phil Wallace and Theoretical Physics at McGill in the 1950s: A Personal Perspective”, JACKSON, J. David.

“Philip Wallace, Educator and Pioneer of the Canadian Theoretical Physics Community”, JOÓS, Béla.

“Physics History in Bronze”, RIGDEN, John.

“The History of the Institute of Particle Physics: Linking Small Groups to do Big Physics”, FRISKEN, William Ross.

2006 (Brock University)

History of Physics in Canada / Histoire de la physique au Canada

“The Early History of Nuclear Physics in Canada,” VOGT, Eric.

“Some Personal Recollections of Canadian Physics – 1931 to 1965”, DUCKWORTH, Henry E.

“The Social Construction of the ‘Canadian Physicist’ “, GINGRAS, Yves.

“A Great Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Education at Toronto During World War II: Dedicated to its Architect, Dean Samuel Beatty”, KOHN, Walter.